Dessirier turns 20 years old !

12 september 2016
Dessirier turns 20 years old !

Dessirier turns 20 years old. On this occasion we suggest you to come and try the great dishes that made its success and reputation. 

A little bit of history...

In 1883, Louis Dessirier opens « Le Café Dessirier », place Péreire. In 1909, Louis' daughter, Jeanne Dessirier marries Louis Cadoret, oyster farmer in Riec-sur-Belon and founder of the brand « Les huitres Cadoret » in 1880. The small Parisian café becomes a big oyster bar and the Cadoret family perpetuates its know-how since 5 generations.

In 1996 chef Michel Rostang takes over Dessirier and refurbishes the place. And in september 2010, Dessirier discloses its new interior decor, entirely redesigned by the architects Hélène and Olivier Lempereur, upon Michel Rostang's 2 passions, cooking and contemporary art

Today the restaurant stands out as THE fish and seafood restaurant in Paris and celebrates its 20 years old offering its emblematics dishes, still going with seafood rigorously selected and whole fish to share. 
Together with chef Olivier Fontaine, the Rostang family perpetuates iodic savours in creations in which the product is at the center and the love of good food is at stake ! 

Until december, the dishes that have made Dessirier's success will succeed one another each month in order for you to rediscover them or taste them for the first time: 

Parisian-style lobster salad, so fresh and delicate; Rock fish soup, rouille sauce and croûtons; Macaroni with lobster "au gratin", a dish so dear to Michel Rostang; Cod Aoïli; Paul Bocuse's recipe of sea bass in puff pastry; the Bouillabaisse in 2 services; Colbert fried whiting; Lobster and seafood vol au vent…

When freshness rhymes with gastronomy's great iodic classics.

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