The best of Maison Rostang in 10 recipes !

3 november 2016
The best of Maison Rostang in 10 recipes !














The cookbook Best Of Maison Rostang, the very best of Maison Rostang restaurant in 10 recipes.

An illustrated step-by-step cooking course with hints and tips, to help you create dishes like the 2 great chefs themselves.
Michel Rostang, the historic chef, and Nicolas Beaumann, the restaurant's current chef compose
French cuisine that pays tribute to tradition
and proudly asserts its contemporary connections, like a dialogue between the classical and the modern eras

With the Best of Maison Rostang, learn all the gestures and the techniques to create the signature dishes like the
Black truffle sandwich, the Frog's legs in a green suit, the Blue lobster preserved in chestnut butter, etc.

14 € - Alain Ducasse Edition.
Available in our restaurants and bookshops.

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