Dessirier's Tarama

13 november 2017
Dessirier's Tarama

After the delicious fish soup to take away, Dessirier offers its collection of homemade taramas.

Made by Chef Olivier Fontaine and respecting a strict composition, The Taramas contain 30% minimum of smoked cod eggs. With no coloring, no preservatives or artificial flavors, they reveal the authentic and delicate tastes.The perfumes are fresh and sea-scented and they taste unctuous and perfectly balanced. On a blinis for a chic entrée or simply on a slice of country bread as an aperitif, these taramas are available in five creative recipes.

Nature, to reveal all the authenticity and sweetness of true tarama.
Price: € 8 the pot of 100g

With nori & wakame seaweed, with its iodine notes and a freshness on the palate.
Price: € 11 the pot of 100g

Tobiko, with a mixture of deliciously crunchy fish eggs.
Price: € 11 the pot of 100g

Peated Whiskey with its smoky and balanced notes.
Price: € 11 the pot of 100g

Fresh truffle, to taste the earth & sea alliance with powerful and full-bodied notes.
Price: 35 € the pot of 100g, on sale on order from mid-December.

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